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Pakistan — COVID-19

General Information

Official Pakistan Govt website for the pandemic:

World Health Organization Official Whatsapp (Text number to get info):
+41 79 893 18 92

Pakistan Govt Official Corona Virus Whatsapp (Text number to get info):
+92 300 1111166

Any one facing symptoms of Corona Virus can call from home to online doctors (24 hrs) at helpline:
+92 42 99231669
+92 42 99231670
+92 301 1102229
or can consult a doctor via video at www.doctors247.online from all over Pakistan.


JDC Foundation Pakistan ︎ 
They help Sindh govt provide food to isolated patients. They also have relief setups in Sindh where they offer free food to people. They are doubling their efforts nowadays.

+92 21 36341059
+92 333 0404043

Coronavirus Control Campaign ︎
They have developed a cheap sanitizer which they are distributing to those who can't afford it. You can get involved by contributing funds or volunteering for groundwork.

+92 332 340059

Robin Hood Army ︎ | Orange Tree Foundation ︎
They are helping daily wage workers and their families with ration in Karachi.
You may donate a ration pack or inform us about a deserving family.

+92 300 0225519
+92 300 0225518

Other Contact:
+92 21 38693111

Orange Tree Foundation is collecting monetary donations for this campaign. Robin Hood Army are only verifying and distribution the ration packs to the needy.

Elaaj Trust ︎
Their team is personally surveying households to help on ground. Their family packs help serve a family of 5 for a minimum of 3 weeks and cost Rs. 3000 each.

+92 21 34371601

Donate Directly:
Account Title: ELAJ TRUST
Bank: Summit Bank
Account Number: 01990526001714110633
IBAN: PK73SUMB9905207140110633
Swift Code: SUMBPKKA
Branch: Dolmen Mall Karachi

Kumak Pakistan ︎
Is raising funds to give ration money to daily wager families. They have already given to 127 families and are presently looking for more funds.

Karachi Relief Trust ︎
Providing ration packs to families of daily wage laborers. Each box costs Rs. 7000


Behbud Association of Pakistan: Corona Relief Fund ︎
The money collected in the Fund would be used for the following:
  • Supply of dry rations to the affected daily wage workers of Behbud.
  • Grant of stipends to those workers whose income is stopped because of the lock down.
  • The Rehri walas who were stationed outside Behbud could be traced, if possible and rations offered to them.
  • Any medical assistance required.
  • Our Out-Door clinic could be made into a Corona Testing Centre.
  • We could make Hand sanitizers ourselves and distribute them.  We have already made and distributed free face marks.  
  • Prepare guidelines in Urdu for Corona prevention and precaution and distribute them.
  • Print and distribute instructions for home-made detergents and cleansers. We can have them made by our workers at home and Behbud could distribute them.

+92 300 8580750
+92 333 5292401

Other Contact:
+92 51 5706627

Donate Directly:

Bank: National Bank of Pakistan

Account Title: Behbud Association of Pakistan

Account Number: 3072077854

IBAN: PK51NBPA1493003072077854

Branch: RMC Branch Tipu Road, Rawalpindi (Branch Code: 1493)

Akhuwat ︎
Akhuwat has set up a “Corona Imdadi Fund” (CIF) which aims to provide support to any deserving individual and family. Akhuwat’s Corona Imdadi Fund will provide:
  • Ration packages for deserving/poor individuals who have lost his/her means of livelihood due to the CoronaVirus.
  • Ration packages for families of deserving/poor individuals who have tested positive for the CoronaVirus.
  • Free CoronaVirus testing service for deserving individuals.
  • A professional consulting Helpline for all deserving individuals who seek assistance for the CoronaVirus.
  • Support for hospitals where facilities are inadequate.

Donate Directly ︎

Azaad Pakistan ︎
Working on distribution of Masks, Soaps and Hand sanitizers in Lahore and Sialkot. They are also distributing information flyers in Urdu. The target for donation is PKR 500,000 RS for a start.

+92 321 6111557 to offer support and contribute.

Donate Directly:
Account Title: Ghalib Sheikh
Account Number: 00880010035863170010
IBAN: PK42ABPA001003586317001
Bank: Allied Bank
Branch Name: Kashmir Road, Sialkot
Brand Code: PK0010088

Easy Paisa/Mobicash Account: 03216111557
CNIC: 34603-7603524-5

Paypal: saadsarfrazsheikh@gmail.com

Western Union:
Name: Ghalib Sheikh
Cell Number: 03216111557
City: Sialkot
CNIC: 34603-7603524-5
Address: 2/97 Abbot Road, Sialkot

Aurat March Lahore ︎
Aurat March Lahore is distributing protective gear to the medical staff in public hospitals and rations amongst the working class communities. One pack of ration is for one family (includes flour, lentils, oil, sugar, tea, soap, face masks, gloves, panadol, dry milk, salt and chili powder). You can sponsor one pack for Rs. 3500.

Slumabad ︎
An organisation that is supporting the jhuggi wallahs (pakhiwas in Lahore), is accepting donations for ration packages. Muhammad Sabir, the focal person behind the cause, has been running a school for the Pakhiwas community and has recently started campaigning for this timely initiative as well.

They have estimated that on average a family’s food (families are big in the khanabadosh community) costs Rs 10,000.

Donate Directly:
Account Number: 0621801081004417
IBAN: PK65 MUCB 0621 8010 8100 4417
SWIFT CODE (small letters): mucbpkka
BRANCH NUMBER: 0843 Upper Mall Branch Lahore

Corona Aid Pakistan (CAP) ︎
This is a crowd sourcing initiative by a group of LUMS students via their newly established organization: Aiming to provide rations and masks.

Easypaisa Details:
Phone Number: 03338691314
Name: Ahmad Faraz Khan

Account Details:
Bank Name: Allied Bank Limited
Account Title: Shafaq Bilal
Account Number: 10080010046175360013
Branch code: 1008

Rizq ︎
They have a target of supporting 10,000 affected families by providing monthly food supplies for a period of 3 months. One Ration costs: Rs. 3500 and supports a family of 5 for a month.


Donate Directly:
Bank Name: Bank Islami
Account Title: Rizq
Account Number: 204300092700001
IBAN: PK35BKIP0204300092700001
Swift code: BKIPPKKA

Rizq has also joined hands with Eat Mubarak and Foodies R Us to provide ration for all employees from the restaurant industry who are being laid off. For help with that, fill out the following form to share employees’ details:
Employee Detail Form

Project Tabnaak ︎
They are distributing Masks, Soaps and Handsanitizers. They are also distributing information handouts and flyers in Urdu.

+92 334 4009953
+92 331 4701436

Donate Directly:

Account Number: 0436-1005230308

Account Title: Muhammad Khamis

Bank: Bank Alfallah

Hope Uplift Foundation ︎
They are providing free Ration valuing Rs. 3000 to the jobless people affected. They request all of you to let us know if you find such families around your neighborhood.

+92 300 8449319
+92 322 4441270
+92 305 4625524

Thali (Rawalpindi) ︎
Thali - an effort is working on providing people basic ration bags. Each bag costs Rs. 5000 and can get a family of 5 enough to last the quarantine period if not more.

Donate Directly:

Habib Bank Freedom Account

Account Number: 02967900616303

IBAN: PK60HABB0002967900616303

Swift Code: HABBPKKA


Volunteers at Islamabad Quarantine Center (in collaboration with Islamabad District Administration)
Supplies and funds needed, specifically:
  • PPEs Kit
  • Masks
  • Sanitizers
  • Soaps
  • Tissue Rolls

+92 305 5572722
+92 323 5377905
+92 332 5318505

Donate Directly:
Account Title: Syed Shabi ul Hassan
IBAN: PK74 ABPA 0010 0115 8461 0015
Easy Paisa: +92 323 5377905
Jazz Cash: +92 305 5572722

Zariya and Greenvolunteers ︎
They are making ration bags for safaid posh families and daily wagers i.e. Widows, Orphans, disable people, old age and labours. Also medical supplies, masks, gloves, sanitizers etc to support doctors.


You can either help us nominate a family, you can pledge your support or you can join as a volunteer to spread awareness and distribute goods on ground.

Nominate a Family ︎
Pledge Here ︎
Volunteer Here ︎

+92 345 5369969

Donate Directly:

Account Title: Haris Bin Saqib

Bank: Askari Bank

Account Number: 01231070701468

IBAN: pk43ascm0001231070701468

Swift code: ascmpkka

Awami Workers Party
As part of the Corona Solidarity Campaign, the Awami Workers Party, Meenay Las and other citizens and organizations will be supporting daily wagers and kachi abadi residents of Islamabad with money, rations and hygiene products over the next few weeks.

+92 344 5326869

Donate Directly:
Account Title: Ibrahim Bashir
Account Number: 6110187648000010
Bank: Bank of Punjab


Mirwas Kakar | Ziarat Balochistan ︎
Message from his facebook page: As Corona virus is spreading speedily, we, a group of friends have launched efforts to educate community in Ziarat. Our aim is to equip them with tools to fight the pandamic and mainly bear the economic fallout. To make it happen, We need support to distribute rations to marginalized families as many of them are daily wagers and are unemployed resultantly. Any sort of help would be great, whether it is food supplies or any other way to ease their sufferings in this difficult time.

If anybody want to help can either contact me here or they can email me or can contact me on my phone.

+92 333 7997767

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Originally compiled by Shehzil Malik

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