Aaron Draplin’s New Book — How It Motivates Me

OCT 29, 2020
Almost 6 years ago, right when I started my professional career, I came across this bearded man.

It was a tutorial on Vimeo on how to design a logo. I owe it to this dude in the orange cap for my love of classic symbols in design and branding. I am still looking for the primer on symbols. The digital version isn’t enough.

It’s been 6 years and holding his book in my hand makes me feel small. Very small. That is exactly how I wanted it to make me feel. It is what motivates me. To leave behind work that will fill a big book if I write about it. But it’s not just quantity, it’s absolutely the quality and the permanence of his work. After all. simple is everlasting.

This book is close to my heart since I started on this journey of design by designing logos almost a decade ago. I wouldn’t imagine my life without design. It is what makes me.