Fleet visibility — More than just points on a map



In the past 6 years, KeepTruckin’s network of drivers and fleets has increased exponentially. The web-app was starting to peak it’s design envelope with an ever growing list of features. It had fundamental challenges that started to hamper workflows for our primary user — Fleet Dispatchers.

Dispatchers work from the back-offices, making sure fleet operations are optimal and drivers are timely carrying loads around the country. Everyday, they multitask between different softwares, managing different assignments and updating various clients around the clock.


Most dispatchers stay informed by calling drivers on their phone. This is because most enterprise dispatch softwares lack a map first experience, or if they come with one, it’s either cumbersome to use, or has an inherent delay in the on-screen data representation.
Reactiveness is the cornerstone of an efficient fleet. Their livelihood relies on delivering goods on time. What we had in front of us was not just a need to improve the map experience, but to develop a new platform that will support enhanced workflows as it scales.

KeepTruckin is on a mission to connect the world’s trucks. With their electronic logging device, smart dashcams, and fleet management platform, they are bringing the American trucking industry into the internet age and fundamentally changing the way freight is moved.