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I’m Zain Adeel, a lead product designer at Keeptruckin working on the future of trucking.

Before joining KeepTruckin, I worked at Shopistan as the head of design. There I led direction for a variety of early stage products. I was studying Accountancy before I got into design. Life has been a dream ever since.

I’m passionate about digital products and hardware that are augmented by their software experiences. When i’m not designing, I am illustrating, sketching, or watching videos about the standard model of physics.

The best way to reach me is through email:


Seth Spiel  /  Head of Product, Asset Management at KeepTruckin

Zain is an incredible designer to work with. His designs inspire a sense of wonderment as he is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the company's design language. He communicates the reasoning clearly and concisely with keen insight for the end user. Whether it's urgent deadlines or last minute changes, Zain finds a way to make the project work within the schedule. He has talent and professionalism that is a rare pleasure to work with.

Daniel Erwin  /  Principal Designer at Catasys Inc.

Zain is a proficient visual designer and I was always impressed with his ability to turn around polished concepts quickly and with an eye for detail. He was never shy to advocate a point of view, and would always be open to incorporating other ones as well. I would certainly enjoy working with Zain again.

Ali Rehan  /  Product at KeepTruckin

Zain is exceptionally talented & hardworking, and at the same time, a very humble person to work with.I have worked with Zain for over a year now on KeepTruckin's Dashcam & Safety product, and I have a deep appreciation for his quality of work as well as attitude towards it. What I like the best about working with Zain is, you are guaranteed to have a very intellectually stimulation discussion on every little aspect of the product design. You expect to be challenged, & you can challenge him on every little detail and expect to hear a thoughtful response - raising the bar on the discussion as well as the outcome. He also knows how to push engineers to deliver on his design creations ;) Any team would be lucky to have Zain work with them!

Awais Imran  /  Product Designer at KeepTruckin

Zain is an exceptional, all-star designer. From graphic design to interaction design and everything in between, he is absolutely amazing at it all. Combine this with great communication and management skills, a heart of gold, an enviable work ethic, deep humility, and a refined sense of humor, and you can get _an idea_ for what he's like; you have to work with him to understand that he's greater than the sum of these parts. Zain zindabad!

Adeel Khalid Bajwa  /  Product Management at IDnow

Zain and I joined Shopistan pretty much at the same time, which means that I witnessed him grow as a professional. Despite being in different teams, the nature of our work required us to be in constant communication with each other most of the time. In the initial stages, I was in the social media department and often had a long list of visual requirements provided by various clients in regards to their respective social media campaigns. Zain always paid close attention to the clients' requirements in order to ensure there was as less to-and-fro communication as possible, and the clients went home satisfied. Later, he moved up the ladder and got promoted twice to eventually be the Head of Design at Shopistan. By the time, I had changed my department from social media to product management and still worked with him in close proximity. The difference was that now requirements were not only confined to clients' social media presence but had escalated to much bigger projects such as websites, mobile Apps and so on. As always, Zain again lived up to the high level of quality that was expected of him. All in all, it was a wonderful experience working with him and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Sarah Nayyer 

Zain is highly meticulous and organized about his work. He is one of the people who have inspired me with their skill, dedication, and thorough knowledge of the undertaken craft. Working with him was not only a learning opportunity but also fun. He is a great person at heart, and I wish him all the best.

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