Most dispatchers still believe that calling a driver on their phone is the best way to get an update on their progress. This is because many popular softwares simply lack a mapping solution, or if they come with one, it’s either cumbersome to use, or has an inherent delay in the on-screen data representation. This is responsible for their lack of trust in technology and it's promise. Their customers expect prompt and accurate updates.

In KeepTruckin’s web-app, there were multiple map pages a dispatcher had to review to keep track of their entire fleet; Drivers, Vehicles, and other Assets. This hindered how quick they could react to changes in a dispatch and how fast they could find capacity (availability of each driver and equipment) to complete common workflows.

Reactiveness is the cornerstone of an efficient fleet. Their livelihood relies on how quickly they manage resources when unforeseen problems arise, like a vehicle breaking down in a less than ideal location, to making sure drivers have their hours tracked to be compliant to FMCSA.

What we had in front of us was not just a need to improve the map experience, but to develop a new platform that will support enhanced workflows, and allow us to scale.